BOYS BOWLING: South Lyon stays consistent in winning first Oakland County title

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CLARKSTON — Rarely in the 11-year history of the Oakland County High School Boys Bowling Tournament has the top-seeded school out of the qualifying block ended up as the overall champion.

Saturday, South Lyon made sure such as jinx didn’t tame the Lions.

After emerging from the 30-school qualifying block at Cherry Hill Lanes near Clarkston with an impressive top-seed total of 3841, South Lyon went on to knock off Waterford Mott in the Round of 16 (432-330), defeated Holly in the quarterfinals (374-299), rolled over Walled Lake Central in the semifinals (389-340) and claimed its first boys county crown by topping Farmington-Harrison Unified in the finals (405-365).

South Lyon, which reached the Round of 16 last season, is a veteran squad of five seniors, one junior and one sophomore and was expected to be one of the top teams in this year’s county tourney, which was launched in 2005. The Lions won the girls county crown in 2007 but the boys have never emerged the victor in the boys tourney despite many quality showings over the years.

Until now.

Seniors Tyler Magee, Austin Martinez, Drake McCarthy, CJ Hatton and Steven Hogg, sophomore Ryan Zaharia and junior Shane Kernohan joined forces for the Lions’ marathon win. South Lyon also had a pair of top-20 finishers in the high series and two more top-20 placers in the high game competition during the morning singles play.

“We had a little bit slow start to the season, but we definitely picked it up,” said  South Lyon coach Fred Ringrose. “We were third at the Bay City Tournament and now we came in here and won. It’s a really difficult tournament to win, especially as the (top seed). It doesn’t happen often that the top seed ends up winning this tournament. But the boys bowled consistent and we have five seniors that have been around for a while. We won the KLAA last year and I think that was when we really took the next step (forward) as a team.”

It marked the third time in six years that Farmington-Harrison Unified had reached the finals. Unified defeated South Lyon in the 2010 finals, while they lost in the finals to Novi Detroit Catholic Central in 2014.

Farmington-Harrison came out of the qualifying block as the 10th seed. Unified defeated Waterford Kettering, South Lyon East and Birmingham Brother Rice to reach the finals.

“We have a young team. We have a couple of experienced bowlers and a few her bowlers but this was a great experience for them,” said Farmington-Harrison Unified coach Dennis Hermani. “This gave us a great way to gage ourselves, going against Fred Ringrose and South Lyon. We lost in the finals last year, but the players have nothing to hang their heads about. Two years in a row we played well enough to advance to the finals. That’s a nice accomplishment.

Individually, Ortonville Brandon’s Mickey Beadlescomb fired a near-perfect 298 to claim the high game crown. Novi Detroit Catholic Central’s Joe Alvord (280), Oxford’s Drew Pappas (269), Brother Rice’s Kyle Redmond (266) and South Lyon’s Drake McCarthy (266) followed in the top five.

The aforementioned Pappas fired a pair of 269s to win the high series crown by just one pin with a 728 total. Catholic Central’s Alvord totaled 727, McCarthy finished at 721, Birmingham Unified’s Jordan Bryant (702) and South Lyon East’s Austin Pakkala (684) also finished in the top five.


(Jan. 17 at Cherry Hill Lanes, Clarkston)

FINALS — South Lyon def. Farmington-Harrison Unified 405-365.

CONSOLATION — Birmingham Brother Rice def. Walled Lake Central 357-357 (Rice won roll-off 102-97.

SEMIFINALS — South Lyon def. Walled Lake Central 389-340; Farmington-Harrison Unified def. Birmingham Brother Rice 376-333.

QUARTERFINALS — South Lyon def. Holly 37-299; Walled Lake Central def. Ortonville Brandon 425-323; Birmingham Brother Rice def. Novi Detroit Catholic Central, 415-343; Farmington-Harrison Unified def. South Lyon East 392-332.

ROUND OF 16 — South Lyon def. Waterford Mott 432-330; Holly def. Troy Athens 338-328; Ortonville Brandon def. Troy 358-331; Walled Lake Central def. Lake Orion 465-357; Birmingham Brother Rice def. Clarkston 398-390; Novi Detroit Catholic Central def. Walled Lake Northern 390-290; Farmington-Harrison unified def. Waterford Kettering 391-363; South Lyon East def. Oxford 431-362.

QUALIFYING BLOCK — 1. South Lyon 3841; 2. Oxford 3835; 3. Novi Detroit Catholic Central 3737; 4. Troy 3655; 5. Walled Lake Central 3630; 6. Clarkston 3607; 7. Waterford Kettering 3588; 8. Troy Athens 3572; 9. Holly 3555; 10. Farmington/Harrison Unified, 3540; 11. Birmingham Brother Rice,3534; 12. Lake Orion 3531; 13. Ortonville Brandon 3530;

14. Walled Lake Northern 3436; 15. South Lyon East 3402; 16. Waterford Mott 3359; 17. Royal Oak 3248; 18. North Farmington 3214; 19. Hazel Park 3202; 20. Novi 3179; 21. Walled Lake Western 3072; 22. Pontiac Notre Dame Prep, 3018; 23. Madison Heights Bishop Foley 3013; 24. Milford 3002; 25. Livonia Clarenceville, 2979. 26. Birmingham Unified 2951; 27. White Lake Lakeland 2899; 28. Auburn Hills Oakland Christian-Clarkston Everest Unified 2791; 29 Bloomfield Hills 2791; 30. Berkley 2382; 31. (tie) Ferndale, NTS; Waterford Our Lady of the Lakes, NTS; Ferndale University, NTS; Birmingham Detroit Country Day, NTS; Madison Heights Madison, NTS; West Bloomfield Jewish Academy, NTS.

SINGLES HIGH GAME (top eight are medalists) — 1. Mickey Beadlescomb (Ortonville Brandon) 298; 2. Joe Alvord (Novi Detroit Catholic Central) 280; 3. Drew Pappas (Oxford) 269; 4. Kyle Redmond (Birmingham Brother Rice) 267; 5. Drake McCarthy (South Lyon) 266; 6. Elden Palmer (North Farmington) 265; 7. Kris Adair (Clarkston) 259; 8. Michael Allen (Hazel Park) 258 (medaled on tie-breaker); 9. Justin Fortney (Troy Athens) 258; 10. Jordan Bryant (Birmingham Unified) 257; 11. DiAndre Moreland (Novi) 257; 12. Phillip Bugelli (Walled Lake Central) 257; 13. Tyler Christensen (Walled Lake Western) 257; 14. Ian Moreley (Waterford Mott) 248; 15. Nick Udocon (Ortonville Brandon) 247; 16. Tyler Magee (South Lyon) 247; 17. CJ Hatton (South Lyon) 246; 18. Joe Krzywonds (Novi Detroit Catholic Central) 244; 19. Spencer Urban (Pontiac Notre Dame Prep) 242; 20. Jason Strzyzewski (Troy Athens) 242.

SINGLES HIGH SERIES (top eight are medalists) — 1. Drew Pappas (Oxford) 728; 2. Joe Alvord (Novi Detroit Catholic Central) 727; 3. Drake McCarthy (South Lyon) 721; 4. Jordan Bryant (Birmingham Unified) 702; 5. Austin Pakkala (South Lyon East) 684; 6. Tyler Magee (South Lyon) 675; 7. Kris Adair (Clarkston) 660; 8. Elden Palmer (North Farmington) 660; 9. CJ Hatton (South Lyon) 659; 10. DiAndre Moreland (Novi) 652; 11. Mickey Beadlescomb (Ortonville Brandon) 651; 12. Spencer Urban (Pontiac Notre Dame Prep) 647; 13. Michael Allen (Hazel Park) 630; 14. Jason Strzyzewski (Troy Athens) 630; 15. Zachary Biskner (Lake Orion) 626; 16. Kyle Redmond (Birmingham Brother Rice) 620; 17. Nick Udocon (Ortonville Brandon) 619; 18. Ian Casmir (Royal Oak)  617; 19. Ryan Arnoldi (Walled Lake Northern) 616; 20. Phillip Bugelli (Walled Lake Central) 613.

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