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Below are the 2014 Girls Soccer Team Capsules for schools located in the coverage region for www.northoaklandsports.com. Capsules compiled by Senior Editor Dan Stickradt and staff. For additions or corrections, email to dan.stickradt@northoaklandsports.com or results@northoaklandsports.com


Auburn Hills Avondale

HEAD COACH: Doug Steinard, second season.

2013 RECORD: 12-6-1, 10-2-0 OAA White Division (first).

2013 STATE TOURNAMENT: Lost in Division 2 pre-districts to Birmingham Marian (3-0).

RETURNING STARTERS: Madison Duncan, sr. F (All-State First Team; signed with Louisiana-Lafayette); Tailor Mathes, sr. F; Madilyn Donaghy, sr. D; Deanna Hill, sr. D (signed with Lake Erie State); Alyssa Chapman, sr. F; Emma Hanawalt, soph. D; Ali Hartman, jr. D.

OTHER KEY RETURNEES: Emily Krupp, jr. G; Alyssa Smith, jr. D; Emma Ahern, soph. F; Alexa Alonso, soph. M; Jennifer Sroka, soph. M; Rachel Swink, soph. F.

KEY NEWCOMERS: Rachel Yencha, soph. F; Michelle Kruppa, sr. G; Laura Silverman, fr. M; Kassidy Embrey, fr. M; Katelyn Mather, fr. M; Olivia Chrnowski, soph. D; Hanna Shoemaker, jr. F; Jess Stefanski, sr. F.

KEY LOSSES: Jessica Creech, D/M (All-State Honorable Mention; Bowling Green); Colleen Vincent, F; Sarah Sonego, M.

NOTABLES: Avondale dropped down to the OAA-White last season and battled to the league championship. With seven starters, 13 total players and a strong freshman class, there’s reason to believe that the Yellowjackets may far well back up in the OAA-Red. Watch for this team to challenge in a brutally-tough district as well.


Auburn Hills Oakland Christian

HEAD COACH: Dave Andersen, third season.

2013 RECORD: Overall record unavailable; 6-3-0 MIAC Blue Division (second).

2013 STATE TOURNAMENT: Def. Birmingham Roeper (4-1); lost in D-4 district semifinals to Royal Oak Shrine Catholic (4-1).

RETURNING STARTERS: Tori Johns, sr. M (All-State Second Team); Chyenne Witt, sr. D; Madison Bottiaux, sr. G; Lexi Powers, soph. F; Lilly Gould, soph. D.


KEY NEWCOMERS: Unavailable.

KEY LOSSES: Erin Washington, D.

NOTABLES: Unavailable.



HEAD COACH: Mike Nelson, first season.

2013 RECORD: Overall record unavailable; 2-6-4 OAA White Division (sixth).

2013 STATE TOURNAMENT: Def. Waterford Kettering (3-0); lost in D-1 district semifinals to Grand Blanc (2-0).

RETURNING STARTERS: Brooke Henney, jr. D; Ashley Miles, soph. D; Sam Messer sr. M; Andrea Dean, sr. M; Meghan Grubenau, sr. D; Shelby Hopper, sr. M.

OTHER KEY RETURNEES: Madison Herbert, jr. M/F; Kayla Grzesiak, sr. D/G.

KEY NEWCOMERS: Kristen Page, fr. G.  

KEY LOSSES: Katie Miller, G (All-OAA); Emma Eriksen, D; Lindsey Renkiewicz, CM; Alison Roberts, F; Morgan Todd, F.

NOTABLES: This is a junior heavy team that should rebound after a sixth-place finish in the OAA White Division last season. Overall, there are 14 players back with some varsity experience.


Clarkston Everest Collegiate-Waterford Our Lady of the Lakes Unified

HEAD COACH: Courtney Shegos, first season.

2013 RECORD: 20-1-0, 7-0-0 CHSL-Intersectional Division (first); won Catholic League C-D tournament title.

2013 STATE TOURNAMENT: Def. Madison Heights Bishop Foley (3-0); def. Pontiac Academy For Excellence (8-0); def. Royal Oak Shrine Catholic (3-1, district finals); def. Riverview Gabriel Richard (2-0); def. Grosse Pointe Woods University-Liggett (4-1, regional finals); def. Lansing Christian (3-2); lost in D-4 state finals to Grandville Calvin Christian (2-1).

RETURNING STARTERS: Anna Robb, sr. F (All-State First Team); Megan Luttinen, sr. G (All-State Honorable Mention); Claire Lasceski, jr. D; Shelby Mann, jr. D; Gabby Troy, sr. D; Lucia Westrick, sr. D/G; Alex Troy, soph. M/F; Lindsay Straw, sr. M.

KEY NEWCOMERS: Unavailable.

KEY LOSSES: Ava Doetsch, F (All-State First Team; Nebraska-Omaha); Jessica Parry, M/F (All-State Second Team; Schoolcraft College).

NOTABLES: The Lakers’ sole loss last season came in the state championship game. Some key players from a highly-potent offense graduated, yet a new coaching staff inherits a solid cast of players that could again help this unified team make another run at a league title and another lengthy postseason run.


Clarkston Springfield Christian

2013 RECORD: Overall record unavailable; 0-5-0 FBAC (sixth).

NOTABLES: Due to low enrollment and interest, the Eagles will not field a varsity team this spring.




HEAD COACH: Mike Stiebel, sixth season.

2013 RECORD: Overall record unavailable; 3-5-0 Flint Metro League (sixth).

2013 STATE TOURNAMENT: Lost in D-2 pre-district to Lapeer West (7-0).

RETURNING STARTERS: Autumn Brendel, sr. D; Megan Kennedy, sr. M; Ann Fetzer, jr. D; Ellie Curtis, sr. G; Rachel St. John, jr. M; Haley Ruff , sr. F; Maddie Huber, sr. F.

OTHER KEY RETURNEES: Kristin Hansel, soph. F; Hayley Hild, soph. D; Madison Brack, soph. M; Olivia Allman, sr. M.

KEY NEWCOMERS: Unavailable.

KEY LOSSES: Diana Frasier, F.

NOTABLES: Holly hopes to show vast improvements after back-to-back downs years with most of its talent back in uniform.


Lake Orion

HEAD COACH: Randy McCoy, third season.

2013 RECORD: Overall record unavailable; 1-3-3 OAA Red Division (seventh).

2013 STATE TOURNAMENT: Lost in D-1 pre-districts to Rochester (2-0).

RETURNING STARTERS: Erin Chlebek, jr. M/F; Madz Ham, jr. D (Committed to Grand Valley State); Nicole Krier, sr. M; Arleigh Zimmerman, jr. D; Jessie Reichenbach, jr. D; Kate Llewellyn, jr. D; Lauryn Auspitz, soph. G; Jewell Karrip, jr. D.

OTHER KEY RETURNEES: Erika Roll, sr. D; Bre Travis, sr. D; Jessie Storts, jr. M; Summer Deyton, jr. F/M; Rachel Dare, jr. M; Nikki Liogas, jr. D/M; Alex Moses, jr. D/M; Emily Gregory, jr. G.

KEY NEWCOMERS: Kaitlin Rusz, soph. D (did not play last season due to injury); Emily Edwards, soph. F; Molly Moreman, soph. FM; Lily Cady, fr. M/F; Isabella Greiser, fr. F.

KEY LOSSES: Carlie Deyton, F/M; Hannah Kish, M (Pfiefer University); Caitlynn Auspitz, M; Kassidy Higgins, sr. F(injured, out for season).

NOTABLES: Lake Orion suffered a rebuilding campaign in 2013 and dropped down to the OAA White Division. If the Dragons can stay healthy, then they should be in the mix for a league title run.


Lake Orion Baptist

HEAD COACH: Monika Davis, first season.

2013 RECORD: Overall record unavailable; 1-4-0 FBAC (fifth).

2013 STATE TOURNAMENT: Unavailable.

RETURNING STARTERS: McKenna Cameron, soph. M (all-league).


KEY NEWCOMERS: Unavailable.

KEY LOSSES: Unavailable.

NOTABLES: Unavailable.


Ortonville Brandon

HEAD COACH: Dennis Shannon, third season.

2013 RECORD: 8-7-4, 2-4-2 Flint Metro League (seventh).

2013 STATE TOURNAMENT: Lost in D-2 district semifinals to Lapeer East (2-1).

RETURNING STARTERS: Madison Puleo, sr. M; Danielle Hart, sr. M; Abby Mathis, sr. M; Hannah Lapanowski, soph. M; Randi Jannette, soph. D; Sophia Sebring, jr. F; Sam Bageris, jr. D; Sierra Dickens, jr. M.

OTHER KEY RETURNEES: Hanna Lovelace, sr. M; Natasha Krivak, sr. D; Alora McCoy, sr. F; Sara Nutter, sr. G.

KEY NEWCOMERS: Logan Owen, fr. G; Elayna St. Amour, fr. D; Sarah Buda, fr. M.

KEY LOSSES: Andrea Banner, D; Alyssa Sebring, D; McKenna Wagner, D; Alanna Carpenter, F.

NOTABLES: With a strong freshman class coupled with most of its starting lineup returning, the Blackhawks could become a vastly improved squad and dangerous in Division 2 if they can find a consistent scorer. Expect Brandon to make serious inroads of climbing up the FML ladder. They have good team chemistry and ample team speed, plus a large roster of 20 players, a significant increase from the past couple of years.



HEAD COACH: Rob Euashka, first season.

2013 RECORD: 6-11-2, 5-5-2 OAA White Division (fourth).

2013 STATE TOURNAMENT: Lost in D-1 district semifinals to Rochester (4-0).

RETURNING STARTERS: Samantha Medici, sr. D/M (all-league); Emily Kargetta, jr. D; Melissa Gierak, jr. F; Karina Parker, soph. M; Christina Medici, soph. M (all-league); Brittany Labombard, sr. M/F.

OTHER KEY RETURNEES: Haley Hill, sr. F; Sabrina Doslak, jr. D/F; Katrese Moll, soph. M; Samantha Pastewski, sr. D; Kimi Matsumoto, sr. G; Caitlyn Ulinski, sr. M/D.
KEY NEWCOMERS: Jade Schramm, fr. F; Mackenzie Eschberger, fr. F; Victoria Funke, soph. G.

KEY LOSSES: Darien Bandel, sr. G (all-league; not playing soccer this season; signed with Oakland for volleyball); Shelby Hruska, F/M; Samantha Pastewski, M/D; Emma Richmond, M/D; Marina Ibarra, M/F; Alana Carroll, D/F.

NOTABLES: Euashka returns to the high school varsity scene for the first time since 2002, when he coached at nearby Lake Orion for one season. He inherits a roster with some talent, but not a ton of success. If this team can be molded into a consistent unit, and stay injury-free as injuries have plagued this program the past three seasons, then the Wildcats could be one of the area’s most improved programs in 2014.



NOTABLES: Due to low budget, Pontiac will not field a team for the third straight season.


Pontiac Academy For Excellence

HEAD COACH: Marie Andersen, second season.

2013 RECORD: Unavailable

2013 STATE TOURNAMENT: Lost in D-4 district semifinals to Clarkston Everest Collegiate-Waterford Our Lady of the Lakes Unified (8-0).

RETURNING STARTERS: Karli White, jr. M; Precious Hadley, sr. F; Jazman Nichols, sr. D; Liz Marie Negron, jr. M; Lashon Mays, soph. F; Di’asia Turner, jr. F; Allyson Vaughn, sr. F/M.


KEY NEWCOMERS: Unavailable.

KEY LOSSES: Giselle Rivera-Torres, M.


Pontiac Notre Dame Prep

HEAD COACH: Jim Stachura, fourth season.

2013 RECORD: 21-3-2, 7-1-2 CHSL-AA Division (first); lost in CHSL A-B semifinals to Birmingham Marian (2-1, 2OT).

2013 STATE TOURNAMENT: Def. Livonia Clarenceville (7-0); def. Birmingham-Detroit Country Day (12-0 2OT); def. Clawson (8-1, district finals); def. Jackson Lumen Christi (5-2); def. Grosse Ile (3-0, regional finals); def. Flint Powers Catholic (4-1, state semifinals); lost in D-3 state finals to Grand Rapids South Christian (2-1).

RETURNING STARTERS: Taylor Timko, sr. F/M (All-State Dream Team; leading candidate for Miss Soccer); Lindsey Klei, sr. M (All-State First Team); Christine Scheer, jr. M/D; Sarah Mazur, jr. M; Hannah Zapczynski, soph. M; Rosella Lochirco, soph. M; Sarah Pieciak, jr. D/M; Erika Weist, soph. M.

OTHER KEY RETURNEES: Haley Hershey, sr. M; Lauren Gunterman, sr. D; Gina Cannon, sr. M; Erica Siatczynski, sr. D; Bella Galloway, sr. M; Francesca Accurso, sr. M/F; Megan Kraus, jr. G; Hunter Williams, jr. D.

KEY NEWCOMERS: Nadia Burbank, fr. D; Olivia Mears, fr. M; Payton Williams, fr. F; Grace Cummings, soph. M; Maya Jacobs, soph. M.

KEY LOSSES: Alexandra Arnoldy, G (All-State First Team; Indiana University-Pa.); Savannah Baumgart, D; Anna Terzano, D.

NOTABLES: The Fighting Irish reached the state semifinals two years ago and the state finals last season, only to come up a goal short. Can the climb to the top be reached this season? Notre Dame Prep is again loaded, led by Miss Soccer favorite Taylor Timko, who already has eclipsed the 100 career goals mark. Overall, there are eight returning starters and 16 players back with varsity experience. This team has all the tools to be able to make a run to some D-3 glory.



HEAD COACH: Colby Cunningham, first season.

2013 RECORD: 19-3-5, 4-1-2 OAA Red Division (second).

2013 STATE TOURNAMENT: Def. Lake Orion (2-0); def. Oxford (4-0); def. Rochester Adams (3-2, 2OT, SO, district finals); def. Grand Blanc (2-0); def. Hartland (4-0, regional finals); lost in D-1 state semifinals to Troy (2-1, 2OT, SO).

RETURNING STARTERS: Maddie Moote, sr. F (All-State Honorable Mention; committed to Kalamazoo College); Ellie Grupenhoff, jr. D; Zo Schultz, soph. M/F; Angela Lekosiotis, soph. D; Brynn Barton, sr. D/M.

OTHER KEY RETURNEES: Hannah Chilcote, soph. M; Maria Broecker, soph. M; Alex Devilling, sr. M/F; Brea Weaver, soph. F; Gemma Najar, sr. F; Oliva Bennett, sr. D; Sam Hawke, sr. M/D; Merideth Anness, soph. F; Maria Broecker, soph. M; Nicole White, sr. D.

KEY NEWCOMERS: Madison Payne, fr. M (also running track).

KEY LOSSES: Stephanie Heber, G (All-State First Team; Seton Hall); Jenny Goethlals, M/F (All-State Second Team; Saginaw Valley State); Sofia Farah, M (All-State Honorable Mention); Jenna Malestzke, D; Sarah Egbert, D/M; Maddie Chilcote, M; Aubrey Konal, M/F.

NOTABLES: Rochester made a long run to the state semifinals last season after finishing second in the deep OAA Red Division. The Falcons must replace six starters from that team, including one of the state’s top goalkeepers. Rochester started the campaign 0-2-0 and had difficulty scoring goals despite 15 returning players. With a loaded schedule, Rochester must find a way to produce offense and mold in a new goalkeeper in a hurry or will find itself in a rebuilding season awfully quick.

Rochester Adams

HEAD COACH: Aaron Donaghy, sixth season.

2013 RECORD: 12-5-5, 4-2-1 OAA Red Division (third).

2013 STATE TOURNAMENT: Def. Rochester Stoney Creek (2-1); def. Utica Eisenhower (1-0); lost in D-1 district finals to Rochester (3-2, 2OT, SO).

RETURNING STARTERS: Tiffany Buckler, sr. D/M (All-State Third Team); Jenny Rosonke, sr. F/M (signed with Oakland) Shannon McDevitt, sr. D/M; Ryienn McAdory, jr. F; Julia Herman, jr. M; Sarah Limb, sr. D; Carly Fraccarolli, sr. D.

OTHER KEY RETURNEES: Raiven Owusu, jr. F/M; Hannah Grieb, sr. M.

KEY NEWCOMERS: Bella Kuba, sr. M (transfer from Nebraska; signed with Texas Christian); Ryian Owusu, fr. F; Emily Blust, fr. D; Kyra Brown, fr. M.

KEY LOSSES: Mackenzie Barber, F (All-State First Team); Ali Reed, M; Katie Milke, D/M; Rachel Wehbe, M; Lara Iaderosa, D.

NOTABLES: Adams was two minutes away from a district championship last season, only to give up two late goals to Rochester and eventually lost in a shootout to the Falcons. There are several key players back from that team that spent several weeks in the top 10 last spring. If the Highlanders can find some consistent goal scorers, then they should be able to stay in the upper echelon of the OAA-Red and challenge Rochester Stoney Creek and Utica Eisenhower for a district trophy.


Rochester Stoney Creek

HEAD COACH: Bryan Mittlestadt, third season.

2013 RECORD: 16-2-0, 6-1-0 OAA Red Division (first).

2013 STATE TOURNAMENT: Lost in D-1 pre-district to Rochester Adams (2-1).

RETURNING STARTERS: Jamie Midgley, jr. F (All-State Second Team); Maria Zandi, jr. M (All-State Third Team; committed to Oakland); Madison Schupbach, sr. D (All-State Honorable Mention; signed with Bowling Green); Madison Toth, sr. M (All-State Honorable Mention; committed to Butler); Carly Harvey, jr. D; Sidney Inscho, sr. D; Carina Wilden, sr. M; Halee Michel, sr. G; Taylor Paradoski, soph. F; Carly Cerny, jr. M/D; Courtney Solek, jr. D/M.

OTHER KEY RETURNEES: Allison Markaity, jr. M/D; Nikki Spurlin, sr. M; Alyse Ketner, sr. D/M; Lauren Costentino, sr. G/D; Sam Seidell, jr. M; Megan Davis, sr. M; Savannah Rembold, sr. D; Aly Markaity, jr. M.

KEY NEWCOMERS: Katie Rourke, fr. D; Sarah Koch, jr. M; Megan Davis, jr. D; Alyssa Orlando, fr. D; Lindsay Schupbach, fr. F.

KEY LOSSES: Hanna Darin, M/D; Cierra Inscho, D; Stephanie Kittel, M; Kat Mechler, M.

NOTABLES: After being ranked as high as No. 2 in the state last season, the Cougars were lodged in a district that featured four ranked teams and were knocked out by then-No. 10 Rochester Adams in the first round. With 15 players back, plus a bevy of other talented players, Stoney Creek is primed to be one of the state’s best teams in 2014. The Cougars have star power, depth and plenty of experience on this roster, and have also jacked up the non-league schedule to bolster their chances of another league title and a deep tourney run.


Rochester Hills Christian

HEAD COACH: Jerry Slota, 18th season.

2013 RECORD: 7-3-1, 4-1-0 FBAC (second).

2013 STATE TOURNAMENT: Lost in MACS state finals to Clinton Township Faith Christian (4-0).

RETURNING STARTERS: Courtney Patton, jr. F; Victoria Cowen, jr. D; Doris Stillman, soph. D; Rachel Funn, sr. M; Abby McMahon, jr. M (all-league).

KEY NEWCOMERS: Rita Yousef, sr. M/D (transfer); Caroline Zink, 8th M; team is loaded with underclassmen, many who have not played soccer or do not play out of high school season.

KEY LOSSES: Jenny Porter, jr. F (all-league; not playing soccer); Ashley Parker, jr. M (not playing soccer); Kindra Armitage, jr. D (not playing soccer); Jillian Porter, G; Brooke Adams, M; Cayla Carr, sr. M (transferred); Ally Ashcraft, D.

NOTABLES: After reaching the MACS state finals the past two years, the Eagles are tabbed as a rebuilding project. Not only did three starters graduate, but five other starters opted not to return, picking club sports over the high school team.


Rochester Hills Lutheran Northwest

HEAD COACH: Tony Chila, third season.

2013 RECORD: Overall record unavailable; 4-6-0 MIAC Blue Division (fourth).

2013 STATE TOURNAMENT: Lost in D-4 pre-districts to Royal Oak Shrine Catholic (6-1).

RETURNING STARTERS: Erin O’Keefe, sr. M; Lexi Stroeters, sr. M; Anna Hohnstadt, sr. G; Kira Haag, soph. D; Laura Hohnstadt, soph. D.; Amanda Klebba, jr. M; Heili Charen, jr. F/M; Emma Oshnock, soph. M/D.

OTHER KEY RETURNEES: Katie Rassmusson, sr. F.

KEY NEWCOMERS: Unavailable.

KEY LOSSES: Laura Doede, D; Emma Vieregge, M; Megan Rousso, D.

NOTABLES: With a good blend of experience and youth, the Crusaders are off to a promising 3-1-0 start with high hopes of finishing in the top half of the MIAC Blue Division this spring.


HEAD COACH: Brian Zawislak, sixth season.

2013 RECORD: 15-6-3, 3-2-2 OAA Red Division (fourth).

2013 STATE TOURNAMENT: Def. Sterling Heights Stevenson (2-1); def. Utica (3-0); def. Troy Athens (1-0, district finals); def. North Farmington (1-0); def. New Baltimore Anchor Bay (5-1, regional finals); def. Rochester (2-1, 2OT, SO, state semifinals); def. Grandville (2-1) in D-1 state finals.

RETURNING STARTERS: Sarah Trocolli, jr. D/M (All-State Dream Team; committed to Florida); Jenna Cabelof, sr. M (All-State Honorable Mention); Phylisha Drayton, sr. F (signed with Detroit Mercy).

OTHER KEY RETURNEES: Natalie Longroy, sr. M; Michelle Babst, sr. D; Addison Bouzide, jr. G; Katie Luongo, sr. D; Dani Mukomel, sr. M; Brooke Bogdanovich, sr. F; Sydney Alexander, jr. M/D.

KEY NEWCOMERS: Emma Hagen, fr. D; Lindsey Bolas, fr. D/G; Leah Kossak, fr. M; Haley Shoan, sr. D/G; Cammy Barnett, soph. M; Gigi Shreve, soph. D; Emily Artzberger, soph. M.

KEY LOSSES: Alison Holland, G (All-State Dream Team; Memphis); Madison Hirsch, M (All-State Second Team); Jamie Hawkey, D (All-State Honorable Mention); Erin Wrubel, M/D; Nadine Bratu, M/D; Sara Wideman, M; Kayla Porter, M/F; Grace Goodrich, M; Brittany Guitar, soph. D (transferred).

NOTABLES: After an injury-filled season and a modest fourth-place finish behind three state-ranked teams in the ever-tough OAA Red Division, Troy gained back a healthy roster in time for the postseason and made a run to the state championship, outscoring the opposition 16-4 along the way. The Colts had lost in the state finals in 2011 and 2012. This season there are only three regular starters but a host of reserves back along with a talented cast of newcomers, so this could end up being a rare rebuilding season for Troy, at least for the early stages of the campaign. Expect the Colts to be a fine-tuned machine come postseason time.

Troy Athens

HEAD COACH: Todd Heugh, third season.

2013 RECORD: 11-6-3, 3-3-1 OAA Red Division (fifth).

2013 STATE TOURNAMENT: Def. Sterling Heights (8-0); def. Fraser (2-1, 2OT); lost in D-1 district finals to Troy (1-0).

RETURNING STARTERS: Amanda Harris, soph. G; Kendall Wachowksi, sr. F; Amelia Linska, sr. D; Alyssa Cowper, sr. F/D (signed with Northwood; fourth-year starter); Quinn Bezenah, sr. M/D.

OTHER KEY RETURNEES: Claire Noord, jr. M; Shannon Birney, jr. M; Katie Lewis, jr. D; Silvanna Mancini, soph. M/D; Nynna Rodriguez, sr. D (committed to Olivet College); Bella Gierlinger, soph. F/D; Shannon Urbanik, sr. M.

KEY NEWCOMERS: Elena Manzo, soph. D/F; Ashley Leonard, fr. F; Karli Filips, jr. M/D; Shelby Cavazos, jr. M; Paige Maiorana, sr. D; Hannah Schell, soph. D/F; Mara Quinn, soph. M.

KEY LOSSES: Liz Abro, M/F (All-State Second Team); Gabby Mancini, M (All-State Third Team); Morgan Behn, D; Rachel Martens, D/M; Jasmine Lim, D.

NOTABLES: At 1-4-1, Athens has been sluggish out of the gate with its only win against Rochester, another team hit with a slow start. There are pieces to the puzzle, so Heugh is trying to find the right mix to keep Athens a competitive bunch.


Troy Bethany Christian

HEAD COACH: Theresa Clarke, fifth season.

2013 RECORD: Overall record unavailable; 3-2-0 FBAC (third).

2013 STATE TOURNAMENT: Lost in MACS state semifinals to Clinton Township Faith Christian (3-0).

RETURNING STARTERS: Olivia Davis, soph. F (all-league); Marisa Brewer, jr. F; Kristen Dongon, jr. M; Alejandra Blake, jr. M; Erica Clarke, jr. M; Rebecca Paye, sr. M/D.


KEY NEWCOMERS: Unavailable.

KEY LOSSES: Michelle Tremper, M.

NOTABLES: Unavailable.


Above are the 2014 Girls Soccer Team Capsules for schools located in the coverage region for www.northoaklandsports.com. Capsules compiled by Senior Editor Dan Stickradt and staff. For additions or corrections, email to dan.stickradt@northoaklandsports.com or results@northoaklandsports.com




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