COMPETITIVE CHEER: Another giant leap for Highlanders-kind: Rochester Adams pulls stunner, wins first district title

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ROCHESTER HILLS — In recent years, Rochester Adams has taken a quantum leap in the sport of competitive cheer. On Saturday, the Highlanders took another giant leap.

Adams captured its first district crown in school, topping the 13-school field at Rochester Stoney Creek with a three-round total of 784.78, just four one-hundredths of a point ahead of runner-up Rochester Stoney Creek’s 784.74. Defending state champion Rochester was third with 782.1, while Utica Eisenhower finished fourth with 776.54 points to join in on the party of regional qualifiers.

The top four schools in each district advance to regionals on Feb. 24 with the aforementioned schools heading to the Troy Athens regional.

“I think a lot of it has to do with the kids that are senior now,” offered Adams coach Brooke Miller. “They are a group of kids that really just get it. They really work hard, they really just get after it and want (to succeed). They are just very motivated to the rest of the team.”

Athens finished fifth and on the outside looking in with 771.68 points. Troy claimed sixth (738.02), while Livonia Stevenson (700.82), Royal Oak (693.22;), Bloomfield Hills (652.70), Southfield A&T (652.02),  Birmingham United (639.44) and Oak Park (598.76) rounded out the field.

With the top three schools within close range heading into the pivotal third round, Adams found enough to propel itself past Stoney Creek.

Rochester recorded a season-best 318.7, with Adams claiming a 317.8 and Stoney Creek a 316.7. The 1.1 difference helped Adams prevail in the final standings and bring home some long-anticipated hardware.

“It was so close. I think it was really the fire, the passion that they put into the round,” said Miller. “We always make sure that they understand that a tenth of a point can matter in the round and to give everything that you can to control it.”

Stoney Creek held a 468.04 to 466.98 advantage on Adams heading into the third round with Rochester lingering at 463.40 and Eisenhower at 462.14. Adams scored just enough to vault past the Cougars.

“I told the girls not to beat themselves up over .04 of a point,” said Stoney Creek coach Trisha Williams. “We still had a very good day and the mistakes that we made are correctable. We’ll just get back at it this week at practice, work hard and get ready for regionals. We know we have to be really on to (qualify for the state finals).”

For Rochester, which has won 15 state titles dating back to the 1980s, the at  are having a bit of a rebuilding year. But still have managed to advance to the regional round.

“It’s a major rebuilding year for us. We lot a ton of girls to graduation and a few that did not come back,” said Rochester coach Susan Wood. “We only have is seniors and a ton of new girls this season and we have been very inconsistent. We had a good third round today. Now we need to be even better next week in order to qualify.”




(Feb. 17 at Rochester Stoney Creek)

FINAL TEAM SCORES — 1. Rochester Adams, 784.78; 2. Rochester Stoney Creek, 784.74; 3. Rochester, 782.1; 4. Utica Eisenhower, 776.54; 5. Troy Athens, 771.68; 6. Troy, 738.02; 7. Utica, 720.64; 8. Livonia Stevenson, 700.82; 9. Royal Oak, 693.22; 10. Bloomfield Hills, 652.70; 11. Southfield A&T, 652.02; 12. Birmingham United, 639.44; 13. Oak Park, 598.76.

ROUND I — 1. Rochester Stoney Creek, 237.4; 2. Rochester Adams, 236.8; 3. (tie) Rochester, 235.2; Utica Eisenhower, 235.2; 5. Troy Athens, 232.1; 6. Utica, 227.1; 7. Livonia Stevenson, 226.1; 8. Southfield A&T, 225.7; 9. Troy, 223.9; 10. Royal Oak, 219.2; 11. Birmingham United, 212.5; 12. Bloomfield Hills, 192.0; 13. Oak Park, 190.60.

ROUND II — 1.  Rochester Stoney Creek, 230.64; 2. Rochester Adams, 230.18; 3. Rochester, 228.20;4. Utica Eisenhower, 226.94; 5. Troy Athens, 223.48; 6. Troy, 218.82; 7. Utica, 210.34; 8. Livonia Stevenson, 207.72; 9. Southfield A&T, 196.12; 10. Royal Oak, 195.42; 11. Oak Park, 184.36; 12. Bloomfield Hills, 179.70; 13. Birmingham United, 174.84.

ROUND III — 1. Rochester, 318.7; 2. Rochester Adams, 317.8; 3. 4. Rochester Stoney Creek, 316.7; Troy Athens, 316.1; 5. Utica Eisenhower, 314.4; 6. Utica, 307.2; 7. Troy, 303.3; 8. Bloomfield Hills, 291.0; 9. Livonia Stevenson, 279.0; 10. Royal Oak, 278.6; 11. Birmingham United,  262.1; 12. Southfield A&T, 246.2; 13. Oak Park, 231.8.

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